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Re-Empowering Humanity

 If you haven’t learned how to use the extraordinary power of your mind to free yourself  - Know, you can!

Through the wisdom of Functional Wellness, Self-Help, Energy Practition, and Intuitive Teaching and consulting,  we can Re-awaken the miraculous abilities of "being" and live the extraordinary life we are designed.


We do not treat or diagnose medical conditions.

Intuitive Consulting is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. Always seek the advice of your licensed physician prior to making any wellness changes.

Intuitive Consulting Services

intuitive guidance FOR SELF-enhancement

 Scientists Explain How Intuition May Be The Highest Form of Intelligence...

The Gifts of Your Spirit


The supreme invisible mind of the Origin (creator) manifests its existence within and through all life, as the gifts of the spirit.

 The supreme invisible mind of the Origin (or creator) manifests its existence within and through all life, as the gifts of the spirit. Therein, acting as supernatural grace and intervention, carrying specific divine information to unfold at the perfect time and  universal purpose.  

 Nothing of the spirit can be attained, taught or tainted by the ways of mankind. The gifts of our spirit are activated through the wisdom of the soul and connectivity with the eternal divine cord within us... To  which EVERY living thing is connected.   

The Gifts of our Spirit are the Soul's:
Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, ability to heal,   manifest miracles, speak sacred Prophecy, Discern spirit, Distinguish the languages of spirit and Interpret those languages.       

Those who share the gifts of spirit are not "above" others. They are not psychics, dream weavers, witches, sorcerers, etc. They are merely functioning with the soul's intelligence... A capability to which every living thing born was  of, and from.