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An animal's behavior is a reflection of their human.

Their purpose is to guide us through life. It is their behavior that acts as that profound guidance.

I communicate, teach, train, and assist Individuals, Pets, Wildlife, Zoo's, Sanctuaries, and Rehabilitation centers with energy healing practices to provide comfort, speed healing, and reduce anxiety and suffering situations. 

As an intuitive communicator, I consult, train and teach how to obtain therapeutic benefit through an intuitive relationship to support a life of overall wellness and ease any ailments the animal or their person may have.

Animal therapy sessions are great for balancing ailments of any kind and deepening the relationship between fur loves and their humans. Therapy is intuited and may include a variety of holistic practices specific to their needs and the needs of their human. 


From insects to horses to wildlife and every breathing thing in between ~ Every living thing is Energy, and needs energy GOOD energy.  Animals who are dealing with physical, emotional, mental struggles and/or chronic health issues are a red-flag revealing that some form of energy within their environment is non-beneficial.

Healing therapy works through the energy of the practitioner and animal's spirit-soul. By sharing energy together, communications open and the animal's natural ability to heal becomes stimulated, balanced, and recharged.

Healing energy therapy is non-invasive and safe as it is based on an intuitive, soul to soul intelligence between the therapist  and animal. It is this natural union of love that restores flow to the life-force energy.  

Magnetic energy fields are the main pathway to which animals (and people) communicate and navigate through life. The body itself is merely the vessel to which the inner energy communicates. Animals know this.

Everything in the universe and beyond, all  living organisms, all living organs, cells, and every living entity has multiple, positive and negative electromagnetic fields stimulating them. Negative or harmful energy quickly permeates every part of the physical body. As an animal communicator, I help neutralize harmful  awareness and cellular reactivity so that healing and comfort may flow.  

Energy speaks long before the body actually signals us that something is misaligned in the energy field. The first signs of imbalance are identified through the eyes and facial expressions which is later followed by low energy, weakness, pain, lethargy, disinterest, and lack of eating and drinking. These are signals letting us know that the animal is in need of healing therapy.

If an animal (or person) has negative behavior and emotions, then there is an interruption of life-force energy. This is where, if left un-cared for, sickness often follows.  

If you have an animal suffering in any way, energy therapy can bring them peace, comfort, and many times, total healing of their afflictions – regardless of perceived severity. 

Please note that Healing touch energy therapy does not stop the process of the soul from crossing over. But it does benefit them greatly by aligning their energy with great comfort and joy prior to transferring worlds.  

Suffering in any way is unnecessary. Do for animals exactly what you would want done for you.


We do not treat or diagnose medical conditions.

Holistic Therapies are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. Always seek the advice of your licensed veterinarian prior to making any wellness changes.

Animal therapy supports our nonprofit program

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Animal Therapy * Souls In Service...

Is medicine going to the ANIMALS? Yes! - Pet therapy is gaining "PAWS UP" in health care... and beyond.

Animals are emotional support beings who help people (and other animals) with a variety of illnesses and/or physical challenges such as stress, depression, anxiety, personality blindness, social anxiety, and more. 

In today’s society, traditionally, these issues are often dealt with through a combination of prescription medication and therapy. These approaches are not only expensive, but can cause physiological harm and lead to dangerous addictions. Animal therapy is a safe, healthy alternative practice which has been proven to better the lives of others.   

This is why Howahkan and Kobi work at Beyond Hair Studio! They are magical employees as they intuitively gift each client with healing emotional therapy. 

ABOUT ANIMAL HEALING… Animals alleviate the stress and symptoms affecting the body, mind, spirit. Being in the presence of animals has been proven to help people (and other animals) cope, heal, and recover from health issues. They provide life energy and can help others “come out of their shell” just by their presence alone.

Being with Animals has been scientifically proven to have physical and mental health benefits in people helping to... 

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve cardiovascular health  
  • Release calming endorphins
  • Lower overall physical pain 
  • Lift spirits of the suffering  
  • Transform symptoms of depression
  • Extinguish feelings of isolation 
  • Encourage communication   
  • Provide love and comfort  
  • Increase socialization and enhance relationships   
  • Lessen boredom and reduce overall loneliness  
  • Reduce anxiety and PTSD
  • Help with speech and learning 
  • Help with emotional disorders  
  • Motivate physical training helping to regain motion in limbs, motor control, and hand-eye coordination  

And, animals are an emergency notification system for seizures, medical emergencies, and help individuals. 


  • Children having dental procedures
  • People receiving cancer treatment  
  • People in long-term care facilities   
  • People recouping from surgery  
  • People with dementia   
  • Veterans
  • Other animals in like situations... Everyone benefits!    

And it's not only people with health problems who reap the benefits. Family members and friends who sit in on animal visits say they feel better, too.  


Animals are a spirit-to-body friends as they reflect the untainted spirit of divine creation. They have no harmful words, they know only unconditional love, they honor their instincts, follow the universe, and express the sacred through their innocence. Most importantly, and unseen to the human eye, they have a connection to that sacred purity, as a spiritual extension Therein, It would greatly benefit all mankind to view them as such and follow their lead. As I always say, "There is a perfect reason Noah said he was told to save the animals, instead of the people." 

All in all, animals are great healers and divine messengers. Even at the salon, Howahkan will bring you your very own message to ponder. 

As “souls In service” animals bring the true gifts of spirit; love, hope, joy, unity, peace, happiness and well-being to - retirement and nursing homes, schools, hospices, disaster areas, veterans, patients, children, other animals, and all life, as a whole.

Enjoy your very own moment of healing at the salon and make an appointment with one of our Animal Therapist today! 

Jen offers Animal wellness consultations and therapy training - assisting Pets, Wildlife, Holistic centers, Zoo’s, Sanctuaries, and rehabilitation centers with environmental wellness practices and energy training.



Proof is found in health facilities worldwide. 

Mayo Clinic's Caring Canines program make regular visits to various hospital departments where the dogs help reduce stress and anxiety. 

Learn More about how Animal-assisted therapy helps with a wide range of health problems. 

Horse Therapy

The Healing Touch of Animals Has No Limits... Don't Limit Them or the Possibility of Healing Your Mind.