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We do not treat or diagnose medical conditions..

Holistic Therapies are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. Always seek the advice of your licensed physician prior to making any wellness changes.

About Holistic Care



The use of medicinal plants dates back to the Paleolithic age, approximately 60,000  years ago. The oldest, lengthiest, and most important medical papyri originated from ancient Egypt (Ebers Papyrus) dates from about 1550 BC. Its recording consists of more than 700 drugs, mainly of plant origin.  Modern pharmacopeia even derives our current medications from  plants. 

Using plants  as natural medicinals is an ancient relationship of using that which  came before mankind and the adulteration of man's touch... the natural  way. 

Plants are purposeful in the life of human survival and cellular function. Thereby, honoring the use, purpose, and relationship of  plants, flowers, and herbs is not a "new age, witchy or hippie" practice" - it is our origin and necessary medicine for the body, mind, and spirit to stay well and balanced. 

There are many people who are unable to (or don't want to) take synthetic supplements, and medications that are made with chemicals, preservative and fillers. The body does not process un-natural stuff well and with all the chemicals and junk in our food, water and beauty products, our body tissues, organs and blood will eventually become toxic to where physical symptoms appear.

This toxic world is the pandemic plaguing our people and the root to all illness. But, thankfully, mother nature provided us with a fix... the Power of Plants.

Here, at Beyond Hair Studio, we support Mother Nature and use plant based products because we care about your health.

With an alchemical essence, we use, blend, and teach the power of Nature, Aromatherapy, Essential oils, Herbs, and Plants to support the natural harmony within the body.. 



Energy work encompasses a wide range of energy based systems sourced in Ayurvedic and Alchemical practition which benefit all areas of being in Life, Body, Mind, Spirit, Illness, Nutrition and Divinity. 

To initiate cleansing, healing, and balancing requires a practitioner to set light energy into motion so that it will expand its healing properties into physical benefit. An energy worker goes beyond the mind and body quantumly, stimulating the matrix/magnetic field of one's life force. 

Many people don't focus on expanding their light energy, imagination, and healing power of intention. This is why the body, mind, and spirit reacts with dis-harmony. It is also why experience physical or mental symptoms. As an Energy Practitioner, I merely help re-unite the body, mind, spirit essence (energies) so the total body flows with harmony.

Energy is a force that is happiest when in motion which means when it is happy  - so are you. When our energy is flowing freely we experience increased vitality, creativity, and overall wellness. The opposite also applies. 

Energy therapy does not fix or cure the mindset of something being “wrong with you”  as there is nothing wrong with you or life, only our perception of it. It does, however, stimulate the brain neurons and spiritual energy, which in turn, opens stagnant mental channels to remember higher consciousness. 

Aside from receiving balance and quicker healing from illness, upset, injury and pain - it promotes relaxation, magnetic grounding, inner awareness, and inspiration. Energy therapy also brings clarity and creativity so we may resolve problems and manage stressful situations. It even re-energizes our living purpose and soul's essence. 

Energy is divine. It is what everything is made of and how everything functions.. 

Working with energy is a sacred process. It has nothing to do with physical manipulation.
The core of energy therapy is communicating with uniified spiritual understanding and teaching others how to communicate and empower their own life- force. Jennifer's work not only involves restoring energy to a beneficial state, but she mentors others on how to help themselves further their own well-being. 

Our individual Lives are a web of patterned energies and we create those energetic influences with our mind. When our thought loop into a rigid pattern, our energy becomes stagnant and stuck. So, when the physical ailments appear, that's when it’s time to  make an appointment with your energy practitioner. 



From insects to horses to wildlife and every breathing thing in between ~ Every living thing is Energy, and needs GOOD energy. 

Animals who are dealing with physical, emotional, mental struggles and/or chronic health issues are a red-flag revealing that some form of energy within their environment is non-beneficial.

Healing therapy works through the  practitioner communicating with the energetic needs of the animals spirit-soul. Then, by sharing energy together, the animal's natural ability to heal becomes stimulated and recharged. 

Healing energy therapy is non-invasive and safe as it is based on an intuitive, soul to soul  relationship between the therapist and the animal. It is this natural union that restores flow to the life-force energy.

Magnetic energy fields are the main pathway to which animals (and people) communicate and navigate through life. The body itself is merely the vessel to which the inner energy communicates. Animals know this, people forget this. 

Everything in the universe and beyond, all  living organisms, all living organs, cells, and every living entity has multiple, positive and negative  electromagnetic fields stimulating them. Negative or harmful energy quickly permeates every part of the physical body. As an animal communicator, I neutralize harmful  awareness and cellular reactivity so that healing and comfort may follow.

Energy  speaks long before the body actually signals us that something is misaligned in the energy field. The first signs of imbalance are identified through the eyes and facial expressions which is later followed by low energy, weakness, pain, lethargy, disinterest, and lack of eating and drinking. These are signals letting us know that the animal is in need of healing therapy. 

If an animal (or person) has negative behavior and emotions, then there is an interruption of life-force energy. This is where, if left un-cared for, sickness often follows.

If you have an animal suffering in any way, energy therapy can bring them peace, comfort, and many times, total healing of their afflictions – regardless of perceived severity.

Please note that Healing touch energy therapy does not stop the process of the soul from crossing over. But it does benefit them greatly by aligning their energy with great comfort and joy prior to transferring worlds.

Suffering in any way is unnecessary.
Do for you and your animals ONLY what you would want done for you.


Pet therapy: Animals aRE DIVINE healers



Quantum Healing

All matter, including us, are ultimately made up of intelligent patterns of sub-atomic particles.  These are constantly moving back and forth  between form and formless, manifest and un-manifest.  Therefore, we are always in intimate relation with the un-manifest Quantum Field to which we originated from. 

Quantum Energy Healing connects with the particles and directs their energies to help make one's energy sound and whole.  A Quantum Leap, or photon of light, instantaneously ascends to a higher energy level outside of time.  In many cases there may be a point in the sessions where the consciousness of the receiver shifts to a  clearer, higher level instantaneously. Sometimes physical  symptoms shift at that time. Healing and shifting ultimately depends on the lessons the receiver is learning from their symptoms and how resolved they are. 

When others come into contact with the sub-atomic intelligence, they feel it and interesting things begin to happen. Which happens throughout your day, everyday, hence why our events unfold. Quantum healing can be done in person or remotely over thousands of miles, and even within other dimensions of the universal matrix.


Art & Sound Therapy

Sound helps to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state by using  entrainment, which synchronizes our fluctuating brainwaves by  providing a stable frequency which the brainwave can attune to. By using  rhythm and frequency, we can down-shift our normal beta state (normal waking  consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta  (meditative state) and delta (sleep; where internal healing can occur).

This same concept is used with breath meditation, but with sound it's the frequency that is the agent which influences the shift.  

Sound not only helps with inducing relaxation, but also has a way of moving through areas of blockage.  Sound has the ability to positively affect our whole being and can provide results for a variety of issues including:

  •                Sleep disorders               
  •                Anxiety               
  •                Depression               
  •                Stress management               
  •                PTSD               
  •                Depression               
  •                Pain management              



Scientists Explain How Intuition May Be The Highest Form of Intelligence... 



What if you could keep your home  clean and your family healthy without relying on strange manufactured  chemicals? With essential oils, you can!  

Essential Oils are fragrant oils derived from plants. They can come from the bark, roots, stems, flowers or seeds of a plant. They are most often obtained from the plant through a process of distillation.

What  are essential oils, then? They are highly concentrated compounds that  come directly from plants and can bear the healing or therapeutic  benefits of that plant.

"How do essential oils work?" The oils are comprised of very small molecules that your body can absorb through the skin or nose. Once in your system, they interact with your body in various ways. Info from nontoxicreboot.com

Always purchase oils that are 100% pure, free of additives, adulterants, and dilutions. 



The supreme invisible mind of the Origin (or creator) manifests its existence within and through all life as the gifts of the spirit. Therein, they are simultaneously, supernatural grace and intervention, carrying specific divine information of the source unfolding at the perfect, specific divine time and with universal purpose.  

Nothing of the spirit can be attained, taught or tainted by the ways of mankind. The gifts of our spirit can only be activated through the wisdom of the soul and connectivity with the eternal divine cord within us... and EVERY living thing is connected with the source eternal cord.

 The Gifts of our Spirit are...
1) The word of wisdom   

2) The word of knowledge   

3) Faith   

4) Gifts of healing  

5) Working of miracles  

6) Prophecy  

7) Discerning of spirits   

8) Distinguishing the languages of spirit   

9) Interpretation of the language of spirit   
Those who share in the gifts of spirit are not psychics, dream weavers, witches, sorcerers, etc. They are receivers of the soul's intelligence... The manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to prophet. 



What is Auricular-Therapy - Auricular Therapy is Energy based Acupressure therapy which is  applied to the external ear and/or face. The ear and face are host to hundreds of nerve and energy points that interconnect with the microsystem of the whole body. Each point on the ear and face communicate with specific areas of our nervous system, microbiome, mind, and energetic lines within the body.  

Auricular Therapy can help bring balance to your Qi / vital life force energy, and the following situations: 

- Stress  

- Anxiety  

- Depression  

- Provide a sense of having control in one's wellness  

- Emotional and physical symptoms  

- Releasing unresolved life issues  

- Relieve tension  

- Adjust your lifestyle routine  

- Help with focus and attention and more  

- Hormone Balance  

- Insomnia  

- Weight Loss  

- Pain management  

- Migraines  

- Addiction... and more 

Benefits of Stimulation - Auricular-visage therapy allows the wearer to experience consistent  benefits of pressure for days at a time, and in times of need. This is particularly helpful for stress, emotions, and cravings that appear out of  nowhere. All one needs to do is press the patch any time throughout the day, using a continuous mild pressure to activate and stimulate pressure properties to achieve results. Stimulating the points by gently pressing on them helps your body distribute life energy effectively and can help you feel grounded and energized.  

What to expect - The practitioner will first gather medical information during consultation. The clients associated outer ear and/or facial region will  be cleansed. Jen will spend a few minutes intuiting, locating, and opening energetic channels to identify points of sensitivity. Next, a small a magnetic bead, or plant seed patch is pressed on the corresponding pressure points. Intuitive and alternative lifestyle tips on how to  beneficially align your diet, habits, and mental focus are also be part of the process.   

There are no needles and the beads/seeds do not pierce the skin.  The patch will typically be worn for a few days each time. Only one side of  the ear or face will receive treatment. The following week the other side will be treated. 

The plant seed is of the Vaccaria plant and used to cleanse the blood and clear stale, stagnant, non-flowing energy.  The magnetic beads are made of permanent magnets with about 100 Gauss magnetism. They are already aligned with the north pole facing the skin when applied.   

MAGNET WARNING: Keep magnets out of reach from children and pets and discard magnets in foil and  trash immediately. Swallowed magnets can stick to intestines causing injury or death. Seek medical attention immediately if magnets are  swallowed or inhaled. ALLERGY WARNING The plant seed patch contains medical latex. Please test on skin if you are uncertain that you may be allergic.  

PLACEMENT NOTE – Magnets and seeds will Not be placed on moles, abrasions, openings,  bruises, veins, after eating, exercising, bathing, or any parts other than the ear and face.


Auricula-visage therapy is not a substitute for conventional medical therapies, it is to be used as an accompaniment.



The Mineral Lamp is a therapeutic device that treats ailments and chronic illnesses by emitting far infrared light. This light provides therapeutic heat for the purpose of alleviating aches, pains and increases local blood circulation. 

The heat and electromagnetic waves of the lamp can carry the mineral ions into the human body by penetrating up to 3 ½ inches  below the surface of the skin and into the muscles, which is deeper than usual far infrared.  Each time you suffer stress, anxiety, illnesses, injuries, or fatigue, your body needs minerals to rebuild and rejuvenate itself. 

The lamp creates mineral infrared waves treating numerous ailments while delivering 33 elements, essential to the human body.It is safe to use on skin, non-invasive, and has no harmful UV light. The lamp emits a unique spectrum of electromagnetic waves in the infrared range of 2 to 25 microns while delivering therapeutic Essential Minerals your body needs to obtain relief from pain and stiffness. It's Great Therapy for Animals too! 

Note - the mineral lamp is not used on sensitive skin, High BP, high body temperature, varicose veins, poor circulation, children, or any pain that has not been established with a cause.