20 Years of Business and being In-Service in Banner Elk ~ 

Our Anniversary Party


Scrapbook and some of the guests.

If anyone remembered to take pictures, would you please forward to me! Thanks for such a wonderful time gathering together!


A great Business will always be based on mutual Love!...

 ~  I had fun! So proud of what you have meant for our community for 2 decades! JH.

~ Jennifer you have been such a treasure to us keeping us trimmed is just the tip of the iceberg! you are our Muse, our helper, and such a wonderful friend. We love you lots. F&N

~ Jennifer, I still remember the first time Emily told me about you and we started coming to you. You have seen our boys from toddler Hood and two teenage years and college even. I love your spirit and soul. You have a great presence that simply makes us feel relaxed and cared for. Thank you for your wonderful skills, your commitment to animals and this Earth, and your love and friendship through the years. we love you. H.J.and family

~ It's so fun to share what we "know" and feel love you and wish you another 20 to 40 plus - T & family

~ Jennifer it has been wonderful knowing you over the years! love, Betty

~ I love you!!!... Aaliyah Mari Nichols

~ I love you amazing woman your spirit and your soul are unlike any other. Thank you for the wonderful friendship over the years and I look forward to many more. H.F

~ Dear Jen, thank you so much for your friendship and being our mentor since I've known you. I always turn to you for guidance. I appreciate you very much. I always love my hair the healing oils and lotions I use them every day. I always get wonderful compliments on my haircut and color and I'm always happy to tell them about you, Your shop and many services you offer. I'm excited for your new ventures on. Aaliyah and I both love angels in the woods it is a life and relationship transforming experience to share. Thank you so much I love you very much angelia.

~ XO love you Soul sister. K.S

~ Thanks for the last 20 years looking forward to the next twenty! love F,M,C

~ Congrats! Love Patty 

~ Everyone feels your love & positive energy just by your presence!!! You are always glossy! L.A.

~ When I was trying to decide on what gift to get for you, crystals
immediately came to mind.  I’ve always thought of crystals as having a
spiritual component to them and when I think of you, it is always in a
spiritual context. "Crystal“ works on all areas of the mind and body, awakening, amplifying, and transmitting energy and thought processes.”  That is so you. 

Your anniversary celebration was lovely. You have touched so many lives in your
time here in a meaningful way.  Michael & I enjoyed being a part of that
celebration.  Michael also enjoyed meeting the boys.  He has heard me talk
about them often.  I hope they got an extra treat last night for being such
good boys. It’s that time again.  I’ll be calling to make an
appointment for a haircut soon. Love,  J.M.

~ 20 years! Because of you! I'm so glad that I was invited to your wonderful party! From the  location, To the decorations,to the food - Imaginative desserts, To  meeting people new and old, to the creative, scrapbook, To meeting your  precious little girl, to the take-home gifts that could only be yours,  and of course celebrating 20 years with customers so connected to you!  What a wonderful party. Thanks for all!!! Elaine

~ Loved the party yesterday. You outdid yourself. I am glad it was a success
SO many people love you. N.F

~ Hey there so many thanks for inviting me to your lovely party and the sweet poem and the gift. S.P.

~  This is my friend Jens shop. You may see where I post of how good I feel when I get my hair done. This is her!  *magic fingers 💇‍♀️ and scissors*  If you check out the pictures, Aaliyah is dancing with Okana, the messenger dog. They had been out dancing in the rain at the party 💦  She has written several books, one of which is Angel's In The Woods. I  could go into great detail as to why we love this book.l, but suffice it to say when I say it has changed our relationship, that is an  understatement.  I attribute this to her *magic fingers and a pencil*  A.N